The idea

Passion meets craft

At Ardent Batch, we have made it our business to bring classics from cocktail history into glasses in perfect fashion – anytime, anywhere. The aim is to enable the host to offer consistent premium quality alongside optimal costing. Whether at home, in a restaurant, at a hotel or in the minibar.

We only use hand-picked products for our drinks. We are particularly proud of our collaborations with Girolermo Luxardo Italia, Giulio Cocchi Italia and Freihof Destillerie Austria.

The advantages for restaurateurs

Perfect control of goods

Product costing in the restaurant industry is a critical factor in ensuring long-term success and avoiding bankruptcies. A well-calculated drinks menu plays a central role here.

Ardent BATCH is also aware of the importance of perfect control of goods. The use of ready-to-serve cocktails, which are pre-mixed except for the glass and the ice, allows for easy and reliable product control.

This measure not only saves time, but also ensures accurate calculation of the products, since the ingredients are already available in perfect dosage and quantity. This allows profits to be maximized and losses to be avoided.

The use of ready-to-serve cocktails is thus an important contribution to perfect merchandise control and to securing long-term economic success in the catering industry.

100 %

Taste is a subjective feeling and each person has his or her individual preferences. This makes it difficult to create a cocktail that every guest will enjoy equally. At Ardent BATCH, we have therefore teamed up with renowned bartenders and restaurateurs to develop the best possible concoctions for our drinks.

We have focused on the needs of restaurateurs and bartenders to ensure that our ready-to-serve cocktails are perfect for professional use. Through our collaboration with experts and our passion for excellent taste, we ensure that our cocktails are a pleasure for every palate.


Our Ardent BATCH cocktails guarantee consistent premium quality, no matter who prepares them in your restaurant. Every employee can serve the drinks perfectly and quickly, as they are already pre-mixed and only need to be completed with ice and decoration. This way, every guest can enjoy a consistent and positive experience in your restaurant.

Whether at the reception, in the restaurant, at the hotel bar or in the beer garden – with Ardent BATCH you can be sure that each of your employees will provide perfect quality and a unique taste experience for your guests.

No more personnel worries

In today’s world, fewer and fewer young people are choosing to train in the hospitality industry. As a result, there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the industry. Ardent BATCH is also aware of this challenge and has taken appropriate measures.

An important starting point at Ardent BATCH is the simplification of work processes. Thus, only drinks that are known to the general public and can be easily prepared by any employee are produced. To ensure this, the company has mapped the exact work steps on the back of each bottle as well as provided each bottle with a QR code. By scanning the code with a smartphone, employees can then follow the individual work steps via screen monitoring. This facilitates the work and ensures that even unskilled personnel can quickly and easily prepare the drinks.

This measure is an important contribution by Ardent BATCH to counteract the general loss of employees in the restaurant industry. Simplifying work processes and using modern technologies will ensure that sufficient qualified personnel will continue to be available in the future.


Ardent BATCH is a company focused on the production of high quality drinks. The company has set itself the goal of always providing its customers with the highest standard of quality. In doing so, it works closely with leading companies in the beverage industry to ensure that only the best ingredients are used in its drinks.

One of the main partners of Ardent BATCH is the Italian company LUXARDO. Here the company focuses on the unique world of liqueurs, including the world-famous maraschino, amaretto, limoncello and coffee liqueurs. These liqueurs are an absolute pleasure to taste and add an incomparable flavor to Ardent BATCH drinks. In addition, the company also sources its bitters (Rosso & Bianco) from Luxardo. The company is located in the city of Padua, known as the capital of bitters. The 250,000 inhabitants of the city consume about 3 million bottles of bitters every year.

Another important partner of Ardent BATCH is the “GIULIO COCCHI” vermouth winery from Piedmont. The whole region around Turin is known worldwide for its vermouth wines and GIULIO COCCHI undoubtedly represents one of the best brands. The use of COCCHI vermouth in Ardent BATCH drinks gives them a special touch and a unique taste.
Another partner is the FREIHOF distillery. The company provides a vodka of exceptional quality, which can be found in many drinks of Ardent BATCH. The use of high-quality vodka ensures that the drinks always meet the highest quality standards.

Overall, Ardent BATCH is committed to working with leaders in the beverage industry to provide the best possible quality and taste experiences for its customers. The company places great emphasis on the use of high-quality ingredients and ensures that each drink meets the high standards it has set for itself.


In today’s world, time is a critical factor for many guests. Ardent BATCH is also aware of this and has taken appropriate measures to provide guests with more time.

By using ready-made mixes, Ardent BATCH can give guests back between five and ten minutes of their valuable time per drink. The preparation of the drinks is quick and uncomplicated, so that after placing the order, the simple pouring with decoration takes a maximum of three minutes of the preparation time. Compared to the conventional preparation of a drink, which requires about eight minutes, valuable time can be saved in this way.

This action by Ardent BATCH shows that the company takes the time factor very seriously and does everything it can to provide guests with a fast and efficient experience. Using ready-made concoctions not only saves time, but also ensures consistent quality that meets the high demands of guests.