Passion meets craft

At Ardent Batch, we have made it our business to bring classics from cocktail history into glasses in perfect fashion – anytime, anywhere. The aim is to enable the host to offer consistent premium quality alongside optimal costing. Whether at home, in a restaurant, at a hotel or in the minibar.

We only use hand-picked products for our drinks. We are particularly proud of our collaborations with Girolermo Luxardo Italia, Giulio Cocchi Italia and Freihof Destillerie Austria.

Perfect control of goods

The calculation of the products in your catering trade, bar, bistro, restaurant or hotel should have a high value, otherwise a grievance or even the insolvency threatens fast. If you do all the work here in advance, profits are preprogrammed instead of ebb in the cash register.

In this regard, it is always important to present your guests with a well-calculated drinks menu. At Ardent Batch, we can play our part here, as our Ready to Serve cocktails are pre-mixed for you in the bottle, right down to the glass and the ice.

100% flavor

Each taster of a cocktail has a different view of how the drink should taste, so accordingly the results of these individual cocktail tasters are rarely comparable in any way.
We have worked with some top bartenders and restaurateurs for our Ardent Batch drinks, again to create the best possible concoction for bartenders. In short, “Developed with restaurateurs and bartenders for restaurateurs”.

Consistent quality

Anyone can use our Ardent BATCH cocktails – it doesn’t matter which staff member prepares the drink or, better yet, the drinks for your guests. Whether it’s the intern at the front desk, your apprentice in the restaurant, the chef de rang in the bistro, the bartender at the hotel bar, the host at the front desk, the cook who is just helping out or the waitress in the beer garden. With Ardent BATCH, the guest always has consistent premium quality, and leaves your foodservice with a positive experience.


By making our Ready to Serve drinks easy to prepare, you can extend the dwell time of your guests many times over. Playing the “Top 100 Jazz classics” extends the stay in your restaurant. All together, you’re sure to sell a drink or two more.

No more personnel worries

Fewer and fewer young people are opting for the restaurant business. As a result, there are fewer and fewer people training in the hospitality industry.
This is another issue we have taken very seriously at Ardent BATCH. First, we try to build only drinks that are known to the general public. For easy conversion, we have provided each bottle with a QR code. This means that even unskilled personnel can quickly reach for their smartphone and view the individual sequential work steps via screen monitoring. This is our contribution to the general loss of employees in the restaurant industry.


With our drinks we always pay 100% attention to the content. We work with a lot of quality in our serves. Our main partners are the Italian company “LUXARDO”- at Luxardo we focus mainly on the unique world of liqueurs, the world famous Maraschino, Amaretto, Limoncello or even coffee liqueurs to name a few. They are pure pleasure in terms of taste. Furthermore, we also get the bitters (rosso & bianco) from the house Luxardo. The company is based in the city of Padua, Padua is the capital of the Bitter. The 250,000 inhabitants consume about 3 million bottles of bitters every year.
A large part of our drinks is made with probably the best vermouth “GIULIO COCCHI” from Piedmont. The whole region around Turin is world famous for its vermouth wines.
Another partner is the “FREIHOF Distillery”. Here we get our vodka of exceptional quality.
All this is necessary to meet your exceptional good taste, this is in each of our drinks the claim we have at Ardent Batch.


An increasingly important point in general is time. The guest in your house wants to use the factor time more and more for himself. Of course, we at Ardent BATCH have also recognized this and, with the finished mixture, give the guest between five and ten minutes of his precious time back per drink. Of course, we gain this during preparation, because after placing the order, the simple pouring with decoration takes a maximum of 3 minutes of preparation time. In a conventional preparation of one of these ready to serve drinks, you will certainly have to allow 8-10 minutes.