N°1 The Negroni

For many, this drink is the Holy Trinity of cocktails, the intriguing blend of gin, vermouth and bitter rosso, which we will discuss in more detail later. Infinite seems the aromatic depth and variety in which you can dive with a Negroni. At Ardent BATCH, our mission is to bring it to market as a bottled cocktail, ready to serve – and to perfection.
The White Negroni colorless, but not pale, is now a neo-classic. The endlessly intriguing blend of gin, vermouth bianco (Americano) and bitter bianco, which we’ll discuss in more detail later, brings the difference to its classic relative, the Negroni. At Ardent BATCH, our mission is to bring it to market as a bottled cocktail, ready to serve – and to perfection.

N°2 The White Negroni

N°3 The Espresso Martini

N°3 THE ESPRESSO MARTINI is an alcoholic cocktail mixed from vodka, coffee and coffee liqueur. As with any other cocktail, so with an espresso martini, you need the best ingredients, with the best quality, a vodka, a strong coffee and a coffee liqueur.

We at Ardent BATCH have chosen a very edgy bourbon, the Pennypacker Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The nose has a little apple, mint, fresh oak and rye. We would place the flavor at watered down apple juice (Boskoop), mint again, a little fudge and toasted oak. Pepper crystallizes in the finish.

We add a touch of chocolate bitters to our N°4 The Old Fashioned, this gives the bottled drink a sweet, nutty flavor. The chocolate bitters also adds a bit of chilies and spices to the mix.

The Aromatic Bitter gives our Ready to Serve drink a good kick. The nose is full of cloves. The subtle tutti-frutti notes of a gingerbread are also teased out of the drink here.

N°4 The Old fashioned

N°5 The Aviation

The Aviation Cocktail is a light, floral drink made with just four ingredients, but they are not easily reconciled.

The story goes that Hugo R. Ensslins, the former head bartender of the Wallick Hotel in New York, created this classic in 1916. In addition to the conventional gin sour, he added crème de violette and maraschino, and the aviation was born.

The Cosmopolitan, also known as “Cosmo,” is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice. Its sweet and sour taste and typical pink color make it a distinctive cocktail that had its origin in the 90s.

An important role in the spread of the Cosmopolitan was played by the television series “Sex and the City,” in which it became the signature cocktail of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.

N°6 The Cosmopolitan

N°7 The Pornstar Martini

The Porn Star Martini is a well-known cocktail that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The cocktail was first invented in London and consists of a mixture of vanilla vodka, passion fruit, lime juice and passion fruit syrup. The name of the cocktail comes from its reputation as a “sexy” drink.

The Porn Star Martini is a sweet and fruity cocktail that gets a creamy note from the vanilla vodka. The passion fruit gives the cocktail a fruity acidity. Overall, the cocktail is very refreshing and has a light but distinct taste.

Try it and enjoy a touch of luxury and elegance in your glass.

Since the trend of the Espresso Martini has now gone beyond the classic drink and has also arrived in the shot area, the BARISTI – The Original Espresso Martini Shot was developed by Ardent BATCH. Experience legendary times with a chilled premium quality Baristi Shot is the motto.


Pasqua Aperitvo

We associate the time of Easter with pleasant temperatures, spring fever, the awakening of nature and the burgeoning of the lemon blossom.

In order to make this sense of life tangible in a culinary way, a Mediterranean aperitif was created that, with its unique character, you just won’t be able to put down.