Pasqua Aperitivo

The taste of Easter

We associate the time of Easter with pleasant temperatures, spring fever, the awakening of nature and the burgeoning of the lemon blossom.

In order to make this sense of life tangible in a culinary way, a Mediterranean aperitif was created that, with its unique character, you just won’t be able to put down.

The lemon sets the pace, while nuances of vanilla and yuzu round off the aromatic experience and make you want more.

Ingredients & Preparation

How to prepare

For the Aperitivo Pasqua, fill an aperitif glass with ice cubes. Then add 5cl of the Aperitivo Pasqua to the glass, followed by 10cl of Prosecco. Now a splash of soda water, garnish with a slice of lemon and ready is the light, tangy aperitif that makes you want more!


  • Limoncello Luxardo

  • Yuzu

  • Vanilla

The production

Our Pasqua Aperitivo is bottled and produced 100% in Austria, near the beautiful Mozart city of Salzburg. Batched with exclusively Italian ingredients from Italian family businesses.

Everything about the Pasqua Aperitivo

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur with 27% alcohol content. During production, the peel of the lemon is soaked in alcohol for about four weeks and then diluted with a water-sugar solution. After another week, the liqueur can be filtered and drunk.

For the Aperitivo Pasqua, Ardent BATCH uses Luxardo Limoncello.

Luxardo Limoncello is a lemon liqueur that is still produced according to a family recipe from 1905. The liqueur is made as follows: Lemon peel, lemon juice and pulp are preserved in alcohol. These components then blend to form a fruity and sour lemon liqueur. The Luxardo Limoncello can be drunk pure, on ice cubes or mixed with some mineral water or Prosecco.

Yuzu, an ingredient that gives our appetizer an unforgettable flavor, is a yellow to orange, tennis ball-sized citrus fruit that has been cultivated in China and Japan for thousands of years. The flesh of the yuzu is juicy, slightly acidic and bitter in taste. Especially the oils in the peel of the fruit are applied in the perfume industry, as well as in fine cuisine and in the mixology of spirits, as the juice of yuzu offers a multi-layered aroma. Compared to lemon, yuzu is free of astringent acids and therefore remains pleasantly mild despite its refreshing effervescence. For the aperitivo Pasqua, yuzu from Marie Brizard is used. Its unexpected and floral citrus aroma, a blend of lemon, lime and tangerine notes, makes it the perfect companion for sparkling aperitifs.

Our Aperitivo con Limone is rounded off with the addition of vanilla.

Vanilla counts as a spice extracted from the fermented capsule fruits of the orchid species ‘Vanilla’. The fruit capsule is full of exquisite ingredients that are essential for the sweet aroma of vanilla. Bourbon vanilla (named after Ile Bourbon, the former name of Réunion) releases intense aromas of tobacco, wood, delicate flowers and also alcoholic notes, making it a perfect match for desserts, cocoa drinks, but also cocktails and aperitifs. The main production of vanilla is in Madagascar, Reunion and Indonesia.