N°3 THE Espresso Martini

Wake me up, and then fuck me up

N°3 THE ESPRESSO MARTINI is an alcoholic cocktail mixed from vodka, coffee and coffee liqueur. As with any other cocktail, so with an espresso martini, you need the best ingredients, with the best quality, a vodka, a strong coffee and a coffee liqueur.

Story & Ingredients

The story

In 1983, the London bartender Dick Bradsell received an unusual request from a lady. As the story goes, she asked for a cocktail that would first wake her up and then blow her away. “Wake me up, and then fuck me up”, are the beauty’s legendary words.


  • Alpine Vodka

  • Italian Espresso Liqueur Blend

  • Espresso

Ready to Drink Cocktail - Ready to serve and ready to drink!

Fill the shaker with ice

Pour in 8 cl and shake

Strain into a martini glass

Garnish with 3 coffee beans

Enjoy chilled without ice

Tip: Espresso Tini & Tonic

5cl Espresso Martini & Tonic Water


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The production

Batched with exclusively hand-picked ingredients from companies rich in tradition.

Everything about the Espresso Martini

Cocktails have a long history dating back to the 19th century. The Espresso Martini is a relatively young cocktail, invented only in the 1980s. This cocktail is known for its unique combination of coffee and alcohol and is popular with frahling lovers and cocktail fans alike.

The Espresso Martini was supposedly invented in the 1980s by a London bartender named Dick Bradsell. Bradsell was working at the Soho Brasserie in London at the time and tells the story of the cocktail as follows:

A customer came up to him and asked for a drink that would keep her awake. Bradsell took vodka and coffee liqueur, then added some cold espresso and sugar and shook it all together in a cocktail shaker. The Espresso Martini was born.

Since then, the Espresso Martini has become one of the most famous coffee cocktails and is served in bars all over the world.

The main ingredients of Espresso Martini are vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. To make a perfect espresso martini, you need a good quality of these three ingredients.

Vodka: The vodka is the base of the cocktail and should be of the highest quality. It is recommended to use vodka from cereals or potatoes to obtain a mild taste.

Coffee liqueur: The coffee liqueur gives the cocktail its characteristic taste. The most famous coffee liqueurs are Kahlúa and Tia Maria, but there are many other options to choose from.

Espresso: The espresso is the most important ingredient of the Espresso Martini. The quality of the espresso significantly affects the taste of the cocktail. It is recommended to use a dark roasted espresso to obtain a strong and bitter taste.

Other ingredients often used in espresso martinis are sugar, cinnamon or chocolate syrup. These ingredients are used to refine and change the taste of the cocktail.

Vodka is a clear spirit made from various raw materials. Generally, vodka is made from grains such as wheat, rye or barley. However, it can also be made from potatoes, grapes, corn or even sugar cane molasses. The raw materials are first fermented to produce alcohol, which is then distilled to obtain the clear and colorless vodka.

Vodka is one of the most consumed spirits in the world. It is popular in many different countries and is consumed in a variety of ways. In countries like Russia and Poland, where vodka is often considered the national drink, it is often enjoyed neat or in small quantities. In other parts of the world, vodka is often used in cocktails or mixed with other drinks to create a drink with a higher alcohol content.

Vodka usually has an alcohol content between 35% and 50%, although some varieties may have a higher alcohol content. It has a neutral taste and smell, which makes it a versatile spirit that can be used in many different drinks. Vodka also has the advantage of mixing well with other flavors, making it a popular choice for cocktail recipes.

In the past, vodka was also used as a medicine to relieve pain and used as an antiseptic. In modern times, however, vodka is often consumed purely for pleasure. It is a popular drink at parties and events and is often served in clubs and bars.

There are many different types of vodka on the market, which can differ in taste and quality. Some vodkas are distilled multiple times for a smoother taste, while other vodkas may be made from organically grown raw materials. Some varieties can also be infused with different flavors such as fruits or herbs to change the taste.

In general, vodka is an alcoholic beverage that has a long history and is popular around the world. It is a versatile spirit that can be used in many different drinks and blends well with different flavors. Although it can be enjoyed in moderate amounts, as with all alcohol products, vodka should be consumed in moderation to maintain health and well-being.

Luxardo is an Italian company known worldwide for its spirits, including the famous coffee liqueur. Luxardo coffee liqueur is a popular ingredient for many cocktails and is made from natural ingredients.

Luxardo coffee liqueur is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and distilled with fresh grappa. The grappa, obtained from the marc of wine production, gives the coffee liqueur its characteristic note. The coffee liqueur is then mixed with natural sugar and other ingredients to achieve the perfect taste.

The aroma of Luxardo coffee liqueur is intense and full-bodied with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. On the palate, the liqueur is sweet and spicy with a slight bitterness that gives it a pleasant depth. The consistency is thick and silky and is perfect as an ingredient for desserts and cocktails.

Luxardo coffee liqueur is a versatile drink and can be enjoyed neat on ice or as an ingredient in many different cocktails. Among the most famous cocktails that contain the coffee liqueur are the Espresso Martini, White Russian and Black Russian.

Luxardo was founded in Italy in 1821 and has since become one of the leading companies in the spirits industry. The family business produces a variety of high-quality spirits, including liqueurs, grappas and maraschinos. Luxardo coffee liqueur is one of the company’s most famous and best-selling spirits.

Overall, Luxardo coffee liqueur is a high quality liqueur, made from natural ingredients, with an intense flavor and versatile aroma. It is perfect as an ingredient for cocktails and desserts and is a must for all fragrant lovers.