About us

A company is like a cocktail. Behind every product and service are people with varying ideas and experiences. And after the professional paths of the two creators crossed several times, the duo contributed ingredients that perfectly complement each other. The absolute longed and dreamed for child, ARDENT BATCH, was born. Like the ingredients of a cocktail, the human elements must be brought into harmony. Moving forth from this harmonious basis, a team was then developed in addition to a product – one with skills from sales and marketing at global corporations in the spirits industry, right down to the expertise acquired through the passionate management of renowned bars. Growth requires a strong foundation and the demand for quality is spread across all levels. For a product that should be more than the sum of its individual ingredients.


It all started in the luxury hotel industry in a 5-star hotel in Austria, where I was able to contribute in various departments. This was followed by stations at home and abroad. Eventually, my path into the industry found me at the largest spirits company in the world, where I worked in various markets and divisions for several years. In addition, several new bars were opened in the heart of Salzburg’s old town.

But the decisive project, which paved the puzzle and thus the way to ARDENT BATCH, was the concept management and consulting with the end of 2019 for the Steinterrasse in Salzburg, which is known beyond the city limits.

ARDENT BATCH products provide consistent, standardized quality, are employee-independent and easy to record in controlling. Added to this is the added value that the customer can also enjoy this experience at home.

Favorite drink is the N°1 THE NEGRONI

Lukas Freninger // Founder

After completing my bachelor’s degree at the Management Center Innsbruck in business management in the tourism and leisure industry, I was drawn to Diageo, the world’s leading spirits company.

After several years in Salzburg, it was back home for me, where I was responsible for brand development and sales of the luxury portfolio in my role in the Reserve Team. The affinity for premium spirits and perfect drinks is now reflected in ARDENT BATCH.
With ARDENT BATCH, we have created a product that allows any establishment to focus on being a host while still being able to serve a perfect drink.

Favorite drink is the N°3 THE ESPRESSO MARTINI

Adrian Baldino // Founder

Trained as a hotel manager at the Dorint Hotel Südeifel, my path led me to Pernod Ricard, where I was able to gain initial experience in the spirits industry both in the field as a restaurant manager and in the office. Subsequently, I became part of the newly established reserve sales team of Diageo Germany GmbH.

In this function I worked for the gastronomy and the specialized trade. In the first years at Diageo, I was also allowed to hold the one or other tasting and take care of the whisky fairs. Through the many consumer tastings also sparked my great love for whiskey. After further activities as Key Account Manager Reserve as well as National Field Force Manager Reserve, I now see ARDENT BATCH as the next step in my development.

ARDENT BATCH counteracts the current market situation, especially in the area of personnel. The fast implementation of the drinks, the resulting time savings and the very high quality are for me the key assets of ARDENT BATCH.

Favorite drink is the N°4 THE OLD FASHIONED